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We love words. And although throughout the years we have had the opportunity to translate millions of them, we continue to approach each new project with the same enthusiasm and passion. We love to constantly explore and learn something new every day.

Vassiliki Dadavassili | CEO – Founder
Liaison translation & interpreting services - Vassiliki Dadavassili

We speak the same language!

Put your message across with confidence and credibility even in the most challenging situations! With us, you can!

Liaison - Translation - interpreting - Vassiliki Dadavassili - iconNo translation project assigned to us is too large to manage, nor too small to deserve our undivided attention. After a translation has been completed, it undergoes rigorous proofreading, editing and final checks before it is delivered to the client.

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Liaison - Translation - interpreting - Vassiliki Dadavassili - icon Our office collaborates with experienced and specialised professional interpreters able to carry out, professionally and reliably, any interpreting service (liaison interpreting, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous/conference interpreting, escort interpreting, community interpreting, sworn interpreting).

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Liaison - Translation - interpreting - Vassiliki Dadavassili - icon These fields are both distinct from interpreting and translation, but are areas that Liaison and Vassiliki Dadavassili have been committed to and are very well established in. As a process, it is fully tailored to meet each client's sectoral needs. Moreover, it widens horizons and creates new opportunities – nurturing and sharpening skills and developing better personal and professional standards through knowledge and self-improvement.

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More than just a translation

Real estate translation - Liaison

Real Estate

Responding to an ever-growing need for real estate interpreting services in the last few years, our office focuses and specialises in providing innovative, comprehensive and reliable support to anyone interested in investing in real estate in Greece.

Travel Interpreting

Every visitor to a foreign country craves local knowledge and a point in the right direction. The best things to see, the best things to experience…to put the travel guide down and go off the beaten path.
Business interpreting services - Liaison

Business Interpreting

Businesses have their own language and terminology as well as their own rules and secrets. Business interpreting is a highly specialised, highly demanding field where there is no margin for error. It requires, beyond the obvious confidentiality, meticulous preparation and often, specific financial or technical knowledge.

They trusted us

“It was an astonishing feat of translation that Vasiliki carried out continuously throughout the program. She would be a gem of a find for any company looking to utilise her undoubted skills as a translator in either the written or spoken form”.

Antony Stanley

STF Photo Agency, UK

“Vasiliki had immersed herself as much as possible into the nuances of our industry so that she could give the most precise translation possible. Her pleasant appearance and strong personality allow her to give her clients the maximum benefit of her varied talents”.

Noel Frank

Chemspec, Inc., USA