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Interpreting Services

Our office collaborates with experienced and specialised professional interpreters.

Our philosophy

Knowing a foreign language is key to a good translation. However, professional communication is much more than that. From business meetings to business contacts, transactions and proposals, we consistently stand out from the crowd and take special pride in the services we offer.

Translation and interpreting are not just a case of transcribing a text or a speech into another language, but rather a matter of fully communicating it to another audience. Translators and interpreters do this by absorbing and assimilating information, decoding the message and its data, and expressing it in a natural, reliable and accurate manner in a different language.

We love words. And although throughout the years we have had the opportunity to translate millions of them, we continue to approach each new project with the same enthusiasm and passion. We love to constantly explore and learn something new every day.

For us, translation and interpreting are, above all, tools of communication. Their goal is to bring people closer together and to help them express themselves, put their message across and communicate their opinions, needs and desires, beliefs and wishes. To us, clients are people with a desire to communicate. They choose us to become their voice as their active mediators, whether as their guides or assistants, or when they find themselves in situations and places with different cultural codes.

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    Who we are

    Boutique Translation Interpreting Agency Liaison was founded in 2016 by Vassiliki Dadavassili after two decades of professional experience in the translation and interpreting industry. We set our standards high and collaborate with a network of carefully selected colleagues who offer both general and specialised translation and interpreting services, creative writing and educational support across all languages.

    Each Liaison project is personally supervised and signed off by Vassiliki Dadavassili herself. However, we are much more than a traditional translation and interpreting company. Over the years, we have been active in a number of specialised fields, from real estate to social networking to digital content writing to entrepreneurship. We develop and implement, on behalf of our clients, a series of bespoke and carefully planned projects that involve real estate operations and transactions, business and social conferences, events and initiatives.

    We respect your confidentiality, strictly adhere to dates and deadlines and are always clear as to what our services and prices entail. Timeliness and efficiency is our byword. We are your trusted partner and we can support every language you request.

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    About Vassiliki Dadavassili

    Vassiliki Dadavassili is drawing on her very long experience as a translator, interpreter, international communications coordinator and European projects manager. These experiences have given her the opportunity to develop strong organisational and communication skills, beyond her own professional skills. A French Language and Literature graduate from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a Postgraduate Degree in Translation /Interpreting with specialization in professional Translation from the University of Strasbourg, she worked for 15 years as a foreign language teacher (teaching English and French), apprenticeship coordinator, adult educator and training coordinator for the Municipality of Kalamata, as well as took part in European projects in the area of Lifelong Learning, Youth, Multicultural Training and Entrepreneurship. In addition to this, she worked for almost two decades (1994-2011) as a translator and interpreter at the office she, herself, set up in Kalamata. There, she undertook a series of tasks from project managing translation and interpreting projects, to performing daily administrative tasks and supervising international communication projects.

    Wishing to instil the same passion into her work and with the desire to capitalise on her rich experience and meet the current market requirements, in 2016, she created the Boutique Translation Interpreting Agency Liaison to offer a high level of bespoke services to her clients.

They trusted us

  • “It was an astonishing feat of translation that Vasiliki carried out continuously throughout the program. She would be a gem of a find for any company looking to utilise her undoubted skills as a translator in either the written or spoken form”.

    Antony Stanley

    STF Photo Agency, UK
  • “Vasiliki had immersed herself as much as possible into the nuances of our industry so that she could give the most precise translation possible. Her pleasant appearance and strong personality allow her to give her clients the maximum benefit of her varied talents”.

    Noel Frank

    Chemspec, Inc., USA