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Interpreting Services

Our office collaborates with experienced and specialised professional interpreters.

Our office collaborates with experienced and specialised professional interpreters able to carry out, professionally and reliably, any interpreting service (liaison interpreting, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous/conference interpreting, escort interpreting, community interpreting, sworn interpreting).

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  • Festivals
  • Court trials
  • Guided Tours
  • Cultural events
  • Sports games

In addition to offering interpreting services as such, Liaison caters for a great number of services that are usually required during a conference or an event. These can be anything from interpreting speeches and translating panel contributions to the transcription and translation of minutes and oral speech into a flowing written text. Liaison offers tailored-made interpreting services, customised to suit the client’s unique requirements.

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    This is one of the niche areas we have chosen to specialise in. It concerns communication between two people or two groups of people who speak different languages to each other ​​and aims to create and support a functional and mutually beneficial relationship between them. An interpreter, who plans to undertake such a project, must be fluent in the languages ​​of both parties and able to switch between them naturally during the course of a discussion. They ought to thoroughly observe rules of professional conduct and ethics and be adequately prepared and deeply informed on the discussion topics.

    Indeed, the interpreter assumes an active and decisive role in communication between those parties, shaping the final outcome through the quality of their work. They act as the intermediary who brings two worlds together, swiftly and efficiently, with no margin for errors or second chances.

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    Responding to an ever-growing need for real estate interpreting services in the last few years, our office focuses and specialises in providing innovative, comprehensive and reliable support to anyone interested in investing in real estate in Greece.As an office, we undertake:the translation of contracts, pre-contracts or any other relevant documents, technical studies, managing relationships and agreements with contractors, builders and technicians, advisory services on legislative matters, crisis management services.

    In addition to our own comprehensive liaison interpreting services, we offer access to a high-level network of business contacts (real estate agencies, lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, etc.). We make it easier for anyone interested to act smart, quickly and safely, by identifying market opportunities and consistently staying ahead of the curve.

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    We are now in a position to offer: transcreation, creative writing in another language, digital content writing with SEO in the language of your choice and copywriting services for all uses and communication needs. In addition, we undertake the creation and organisation of an event or presentation, on either a consultation or implementation level, writing and editing texts as copywriters, setting up and preparing the space for the occasion, on behalf of our clients.

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    Businesses have their own language and terminology as well as their own rules and secrets. Business interpreting is a highly specialised, highly demanding field where there is no margin for error. It requires, beyond the obvious confidentiality, meticulous preparation and often, specific financial or technical knowledge. Having managed several European and national programmes, both administratively and financially, for many years, we play to our strengths. We have one aim in mind: to efficiently assist B2B meetings with our supreme specialist business interpreting services.

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    Every visitor to a foreign country craves local knowledge and a point in the right direction. The best things to see, the best things to experience…to put the travel guide down and go off the beaten path.

    In addition to escort interpreting services in various languages, we collaborate with a wide range of tourism professionals, giving individual visitors or groups the opportunity to organise their holidays on their own terms. This is the best way for our clients to discover Greece's hidden charms and enjoy the best things the country has to offer.