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We set our standards high and collaborate with a network of carefully selected colleagues who offer both general and specialised translation and interpreting services, creative writing and educational support across all languages.


The skilled, professional translator has studied the technique of accurately transferring meaning from one language to another. With a series of modern technological tools and software (thesauri, corpora, reference texts, translation memories, etc.), a translator seeks to find swift solutions to even the most challenging problems that may be put in front of them. No translation project assigned to us is too large to manage, nor too small to deserve our undivided attention. After a translation has been completed, it undergoes rigorous proofreading, editing and final checks before it is delivered to the client.


Our office collaborates with experienced and specialised professional interpreters able to carry out, professionally and reliably, any interpreting service. In addition to offering interpreting services as such, Liaison caters for a great number of services that are usually required during a conference or an event. These can be anything from interpreting speeches and translating panel contributions to the transcription and translation of minutes and oral speech into a flowing written text. Liaison offers tailored-made interpreting services, customised to suit the client’s unique requirements.